Blogging Strategies For Marketing Success

If you’re getting stuck into your dental marketing strategy, something you will be aware of by now is that content marketing is essential for strategic success. Content directly boosts traffic, improves customer engagement and the more efficient your content is, the higher conversion of visitors to patients. Some key values of content include:

  • Keeping it regular
  • Keeping it fresh
  • Keeping it consistent

If your content doesn’t follow these values, your marketing strategy won’t be successful. This begs the question, what form of content meets these values? That form of content is blogging. Blogging has become essential for every dental marketing campaign. It provides frequent traffic, gives visitors the latest dental information and answers frequent questions they may have. Those three values defined above has one thing in common, consistency.

To maintain its consistency, follow these steps to ensure your marketing campaign stays effective through blogging.

Consistent Blogging Tips

  • Keep It Organized And Clear – Your blogging content needs to be organized. When its structured with a clear plan and is informative to the reader, there is more chance of it being successful. You do not want to confuse the reader. Successful blogging content is clear and organized if it includes:
  1. Compelling Headings
  2. Bullet Pointed Lists
  3. Numbered Lists
  4. Engaging Body Text
  5. Relevant Backlinks
  • Relevant Backlinks – Touching on backlinks, they are very convenient to your blogs and they are one of the key building blocks for good quality SEO. A backlink helps to deliver value to your blog. Where a webpage links to another page, this is a backlink and is a major metric for the ranking of a webpage. This is because backlinks demonstrate that the website content is worthy and trustable. Backlinks to high-quality content also keeps the average time of visitors spending time on your dental website high.
  • Post Content Regularly – Set a goal for the amount of blog posts you want to post. Regular blog content is an anchor to keep your website relevant to the search rankings. Therefore, you want to make sure you post monthly or even get positing as soon as a hot dental topic trend is identified. There are a vast number of dental topics where the information can be misleading. Avoid this trap when posting regularly and don’t post for the sake of it. You must ensure the content is relevant and substantial to what you’re talking about. For example, topics such “your child’s first visit to the dentist”. Ensure you have presenting content that presents the information to the topic title whilst having an umbrella of relatable topics so you can expand on it. Backlinks are essential in this regard to keep the reader interested.

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  • Get Your Blogs Noticed With Rich Keyword Density – High-quality content with rich keyword density are two key factors that impact your website performance. Your keywords should usually be restricted to only one or two words and regularly used as part of your content. This way you’ll get more traffic from these topics. However, topics can sometimes have a wide-range of subtopics and sometimes your keywords need to be specific to focus in on a specific topic. This is what is called long-tail keywords, which are an excellent source for traffic. For example, for teeth whitening, a long-tail keyword could be “teeth whitening strips and gels”, focusing on strips and gels compared to just “teeth whitening” which focuses on the topic as a whole.


Everyone with a marketing strategy will appreciate that the value and high impact from it stems from your website content. Quality content boosts traffic and visibility within the search rankings. Blogging is a great way to do this and is integral to dental marketing strategy. There is such a rich-vein of dental content and following these tips will help you reach to specific audiences who are looking for specific answers to a specific dental topic. Commit to regularly posting blog content and make sure it is at the forefront of your search strategy today if it’s not already.

Seeking assistance with blog content? Contact Smile and Grow now and let’s get your blogging strategy up and running.

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