Advantages Of Social Media For Dentists

Social media is a global phenomenon, and many industries are aligning their marketing strategy so that social media is at the heart of what they do. An online presence is almost essential for a successful dental marketing strategy because users are more inclined to learn more about a dental practice online rather than through word-of-mouth or local community engagement.

The internet allows people worldwide to connect and communicate effectively, and dental practices need to take advantage of the platforms and tools social media provides to steer clear of the competition whilst building patient relationships. 

So, what are the advantages of social media for dentists? 

Attracting New Patients

There are billions of social media users worldwide, and it is an opportune time for you to engage with them. When users use Google, they’re likely researching a certain topic or attempting to get an answer for something. For example, they may want to know about the benefits of teeth whitening. For you to attract those users to become patients, post engaging and informative content that answers the questions that users and prospective patients are looking for. Your content should be unique and SEO-driven so that your content is plugged at the top of Google search rankings. 

Build Your Brand

It is difficult to build your brand through leaflets and word of mouth these days. It is almost impossible. Being on social increases the visibility of your brand, and you’re opening your dental practice up to the masses. If you engage with your social media audience and the users like what they see and hear, your brand reputation will skyrocket to new levels because those users will keep your practice in mind when it comes to wanting a dental service.

Economic Benefits

Did you know that almost 80% of Australians are on social media right now? With many people checking into their social media platforms throughout the day, it is the perfect time to market your business through those platforms. Social media marketing is also affordable when it comes to advertising your business. There are many ways to reach your target user base, and this is something that you should cater for in your strategy.

A Quality Reputation

Reputation is everything these days, and online users can form an opinion about a dental practice’s reputation based on online feedback through Google reviews. Keep this in mind when you’re delivering a service to your patients because they can leave feedback based on what they think of your dental practice and your service. Online feedback reviews will work to help build your credibility, leading to a higher amount of patient conversions.

Patient Bonding

Nothing is more important than building positive relationships with your patients because this is the hallmark of a long-term patient portfolio. Using social media adds an extra line to your communication with your patients. For example, use social media to engage with them about products and services, any questions about their oral health or provide some tips to help them keep their teeth clean at night. Spontaneous engagement is something patients will greatly benefit from. Ensure that you’re responding to them in a way that nurtures strong patient relationships.

With almost 80% of Australian users being on social media today, there is no greater time to target a massive audience with your dental brand with the advantages of social media for dentists. Social media now needs to be a fundamental part of your dental marketing strategy. If you’re seeking support on using social media effectively for your marketing strategy, or want to know more about the advantages of social media for dentists, then contact us at Smile and Grow today, and we’d be more than happy to help!

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