4 Bad Practice SEO Tactics

The first challenge is developing an effective dental marketing strategy, but it is not as important as maintaining its sustainability. For SEO to work, it must regularly evolve according to dental and patient needs. SEO strategies become outdated fairly quickly, and those dental practices who have a dedicated marketing team are more likely to be successful. You must ensure that your SEO expert is aware of dental industrial needs, rather than implementing black hat SEO practices to violate your strategy.


Saying all of that, bad SEO continues to haunt. It is wise to ensure you’re aware of bad practice SEO tactics that may harm your dental practice.

The Five Bad Practice Areas

  1. Inconsistent Content – Content is where the value of your strategy comes from. If there is no value in what you’re writing, your strategy will fail. Content needs to be consistent, quality and kept up to date with evolving dental patient needs. If visitors trust your content, they can trust your practice you’re more likely to convert them into patients. Outdated content is next to useless.
  2. A Lack Of Keyword Density– Keyword density is key to dental marketing strategy. These keywords are what Google searches for. Content needs to be relevant to a search query to determine where the page should rank in a particular search. This is what makes it possible for visitors to find your practice on the first Google page. Keep your content SEO-rich. Read here to learn some tips.
  3. Poor Website User Experience – The first step to losing patients is bad user website experience. To win the attention of Google, visitors need to love your website. One way in determining how effective user experience is by measuring the average time a user spends on your dental website. Some tips for an effective website user experience is to keep content simple and efficient, improve website speed and deliver easy navigation. There is more chance of visitors staying on your website if they gain the answers they need, and the website experience is smooth.
  4. A Lack Of Social Media Presence – Now is the time to be using social media to communicate with visitors and patients alike. Social media is a direct factor in search traffic whilst allowing for content to be shared to a wider audience, connects with new audiences, grows your local community and enhances brand reputation. If your practice can’t be found, how can you expect your strategy to work? Keep pushing out content on social media.

SEO Content Marketing


All dental marketing strategy indeed has mistaken areas. It is easier to develop these habits whilst putting time in to improve them. A key recommendation to avoid these bad practices is to hire an SEO expert as part of your dental practice if you haven’t already. Adding their expertise promises to deliver exceptional SEO results.

Seeking support with your SEO marketing strategy? Contact Smile and Grow and let us help you improve your SEO practices for instant results.

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