3 Easy Dental SEO Tips

3 Tips To Grow Your Dental SEO

According to a recent article published by The Australian Dental Association a huge number of patients need a government aided system to make dentistry available for everyone in the community. Dentists are in demand, more than ever with a growing population and better education about the adverse impacts of neglecting your oral health.

Here, at Smile & Grow, our dental marketing agency deliver proven marketing strategies that drives your website to the top of Google. We design high converting websites that convert more new patients with bespoke custom wordpress website designs.

All of the above combined results in more new patients and accelerated business growth giving you the bandwidth to purchase another practice, renovate your current practice or expand the chairs.

What Keywords Should You Choose For Dental SEO

Choosing the right keywords for you search engine optimisation campaign will often to determine the success of your campaign. SEO Agencies often choose keywords on your behalf with the intent of ranking your website number 1 for uncompetitive terms making their results look good but leaving you with a poor ROI.

You need to target the most competitive keyword search volumes and build your links and content with these in mind, identify ways you can provide solutions around the topics so you can become a source of education and build advocacy.

1 – Keyword Research

The most common search that result in new patient leads are “dentist + location” – You should use your seo company or seo tools to help identify the search volumes for each keyword.

There is no point in targeting dental implants as a primary keyword in your SEO campaign if the search volume is less than 10 per month.
Which keywords should your dental practice focus on? Your seo campaign should focus on the services you provide, symptoms your patients are typing in so you are appearing when they need you desperately and importantly in the locations your practice services.

You can use keyword research to find the best keywords for your practice.

Below are a list of common keywords that our practice owners are using in their dental seo campaigns:

  • Dentist
  • Dental clinic
  • Dental practice
  • Location + dentist
  • Location + dental
  • Dentist + location
  • Teeth Whitening + location
  • Dental Implants + location

You can use seo tools to help you understand the level of competition for particular keywords, gather competitor insights so you can see why your competitors are ranking above you and understand the topics of content you should produce to help you improve your rankings.

  • Monthly search volume
  • Competition of a keyword
  • Click-through rate (CTR)
  • Cost per click

Here are some examples of keyword tools you can use to help you build out the best keyword list for your google marketing campaigns.



Surfer SEO

Keyword Planner 

2 – Implement Your On-page SEO

Now that you have completed your keyword research you can now incorporate these keywords into your website. Just stuffing keywords into your website wont work – Google’s algorithms are fairly advanced and recognise when you are trying to manipulate the search engines with jamming keywords into pages without substance.

Here is a list of on-page SEO changes your practice should implement to boost your relevance in Google.

  • Title tag – Adding a title tag that matches the keyword you are targeting – For Example – Teeth Whitening Sydney
  • Meta Description – This is your opportunity to engage your audience when they are searching on Google – Improve your click through ratio with a call to action
  • URL – your URL should also match the keywords you are focusing on – For Example – www.exampledentist.com.au/teeth-whitening-sydney
  • Content – Unique content will help you build relevance in search engines and educate your audience. Well written content will convert more of your audience into new patients. The content should include teeth whitening faq’s, what is teeth whitening and a conclusion with images to help illustrate your contention and help the reader visualise the benefits.

See the below example:

Title tag is “Chatswood Teeth Whitening Dentist | Tooth Whitening NSW

Meta Description is “Teeth Whitening Sydney: Looking for that confident edge? A big bright smile is a dentist appointment away. Teeth whitening DIY kits & dental treatments.

URL Structure is simplydentalchatswood.com.au/teeth-whitening-service

3. Create a high converting website design

Google is a big complicated business however simply wants to connect users with a search result they want quickly. Creating quality content, with links to build trust helps Google present the right websites for the right search queries.

Now, getting website traffic is one goal but without having a quality website design that engages the audience and converts them from visitors to patients.

When you are building a new health practice website you should consider these tips which will fuel your SEO growth and be the foundation of generating more new patients.

Google wants to send its users to websites where they can have a great user experience. Because a website with a poor user experience will lose visitors before they can even enjoy the great content.

How to make your website a lead generating machine?

In order to make your dental website a lead generating machine, we have outlined some steps you can take to increase new patient conversion rates on your website.

  1. Easy website navigation – Limit the amount of pages a user clicks on to find information, particularly your number, online booking button and directions. If your website is difficult to use or hard to see important information people will bounce off your website quickly.
  2. Fast Page Speed – Having a website that loads quickly is crucial, people click out of websites rather quickly these days assuming there are issues with the website. Having a fast website page speed usually relates to your hosting provider, if your website is slow Smile & Grow can help host your dental website and ensure your page speed is fast. Slow page speeds also occur when large images in websites aren’t optimised.
  3. Mobile Friendly – Mobile usage has grown massively and it’s not going to slow down. If you have an old website that doesn’t have basic functionality for a mobile user and doesn’t have responsive technology your website will not convert visitors into patients.

There is a lot of additional seo tips we will run through in future articles however if you implement these 3 easy seo tips you will see an improvement in impressions, traffic and overtime an influence on your new patient lead volumes.

Our dental marketing company helps practices with technical seo, local seo and search engine optimisation consultations so they can focus on building their businesses and we can focus on generating more new patients. Call the dental marketing experts today!

Disclaimer: The content provided on this website is intended for general informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice tailored to your specific needs and circumstances. Any reliance you place on the information provided in these blogs is, therefore, strictly at your own risk. We shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the use of the information provided on this website.

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